Feature: Abrea Mizer named Outstanding Senior

Division of Applied Social Sciences


Well Awarded

Abrea Mizer named Outstanding Senior

Help From Up North

CAFNR International Programs teams up with University of Saskatchewan,…

Environmentally Friendly

CAFNR undergraduate student becomes first MU student in 10 years to…

Going Forward

CAFNR’s division directors keep College true to its mission

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The Division of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) is one of six academic units within the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). DASS is home to the following academic program areas:

In addition, DASS houses several centers, institutes and programs:

Our division's purpose is to develop and empower decision makers who can manage the global food and natural resource systems and lead rural communities. Our mission is to be the leading institution in outreach-driven education and research that integrates science-based information into public and private decision making.

While much of our focus is on issues of concern to Missouri, we do work that directly affects national policy. We also are involved internationally on a significant scale.